OPN Mar +9.5% (Closed), Apr +4.7% (Open)

OPNewsletter Feb’11 portfolios were closed for +6.4%, Mar 2011 for +9.5% and for April 2011 OPN portfolios are up +4.7% (while we still have a few weeks to go). The performance continues and again proves the consistency of income generation via option trading. All this in spite of market meltdowns during these periods. Hope you traded free trade NFLX I shared in my previous post and booked nice gains.

As markets are entering into an interesting phase ahead, I would like to invite previous OPN members to re-join OPNewsletter to capitalize upcoming opportunities. There will be NO WAITLIST fee for ex-OPN members who would sign-up by March 31, 2011. As you know, OPN works with limited number of members so I would encourage you to sign-up at the earliest. Pls click here to sign-up (The wait-list fee will be refunded and a follow-up invite will be sent soon after).

I am glad that OPNewsletter continues to add value to members. Positive feedbacks like below are true reflection that OPNewsletter has been fulfilling its promise effectively. It’s my pleasure to share latest testimonial an ex-OPN members Chris sent from NY, USA.

Hi Op!

I wanted to personally respond to your offer for x-OPN members to become subscribers again with this offer. Almost every day I think about the times I was an OPN member and the amount of information I learned from you. In fact, it is no understatement to say that you are the only “internet advisor” I truly trust and respect. I am not sure if you appreciate this fully, but your method of approaching option strategies and deploying them has stayed with me from my time as an OPN subscriber. I even still love to read your posts and comments on the market. In fact, as I have become more focused on my own personal trading, I often wish that I could discuss questions and option analysis with you. There are many things I see that I am not sure are correct.

I know I mentioned this when I left OPN, but the primary reason I could not stay a member was because I was having a job change and would not be able to follow OPN trades. However, this past year I have returned to trading my personal account as my free time has improved. I have not requested to return to be an OPN subscriber because I still cannot always follow OPN trades with my schedule. It is something I am disappointed about because the OPN network is a wonderful place and your insight was often invaluable.

My personal trading has had some nice successes this past year. In fact, several months you have reported your results, my performance has come with 0.5% of yours (I still track my results with your spreadsheet and return calculations). I consider this a great success, but I do still fear I am making some serious mistakes in risk and adjustments. I am sure your results are much better risk-adjusted returns. 🙂 Many of the option strategies I deploy have come largely from the methodologies I learned from you, so maybe this isn’t so much of a surprise!

I wish you the best of successes and I hope that your subscriber base is continuing to grow. If you ever open an advisory service or different method of being an OPN client, please let me know. Your experience and advice is invaluable and I miss it greatly. 🙂

All the best,

Christopher Gorzynski
Long Beach, NY, United States

Markets are entering into an interesting phase ahead and I feel plenty of opportunity will come along the way. If you are an ex-OPN member, come and join now. No WAITLIST fee for x-OPN members who sign-up by March 31, 2011. Pls click here to sign-up (The wait-list fee will be refunded and a follow-up invite will be sent soon after).

Profitable Trading, OP




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