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About OptionPundit, Team OP, and The OP Story

Born-and-raised as a child with nothing more than passion, hope and a dream, I, Manoj Kumar, am proud to have created a socially conscious Options Trading company that has reached over million views from all around the world.

Until I found my first job, I never had money. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been insatiably curious about ascent of money and how lack or excess of it affects happiness. I wanted to know, why do some people struggle in making money while others find a way to thrive, often despite the most challenging circumstances?

That curiosity about money and markets led me to start OptionPundit in 2006.

Counted amongst Top 100 Options focused blogs, OptionPundit’s content has been featured in Reuters, AOL Money & Finance, Google Finance, The Palm Beach Post, Chicago Sun Times, Seeking Alpha, MoneyShow, Invest Singapore, E-how and many other reputed publications.

OptionPundit system has been widely regarded as the most strategic and innovative approach to generating consistent income via Options Trading. As a popular seminar trainer and international speaker, I have also been invited to speak on various popular investment summits worldwide.

Blessed with wonderful clients, Team OP continues to raise the bar to support our clients, communities and charities.


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This is how you trade Market Uncertainty
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Bear Vertical Spread Explained
Bear Vertical Spread Explained
What is a Vertical Spread? We explained this at great length in the previous article using an example...
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What Are They Saying

Consistent. Proper Risk Management. Efficient Allocation of Capital.

I started afresh last April with a 15K USD portfolio. Today the Portfolio stands at 27.2K USD, a YTD Profit of close to 81.3% (after Commissions). I think i can see a visible improvement in my Trading style and my Psychology. More importantly , am clear about Entry exit , risk and taking Losses.

Ajay SunderSingapore

I first subscribed to OPN in April 2009 and this was the first time I was exposed to all those income strategies (condors, calendars etc.)…I came into conclusion that in terms of consistency, risk management, educational value and comprehensive solution there is no service that comes even close to OPN.

Kim KlaimanToronto, Canada

With OP’s approach, u don’t have to stay in front of the computer EVERYDAY and you won’t have to go to bed worrying that if the market crashes, your entire capital will be gone. OP make sures that the downside of your portfolio is protected and your money is working hard for you.

Aron TanSingapore

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With strong focus on risk management and efficient capital allocation, OP Income Newsletter has been the primary source of smart options traders worldwide for proven, profitable and scalable trading ideas, both directional and non-directional.

Future Options Strategist

Profiting from Future Options.

Use Future Options Strategist to find high probabilities trading ideas that can position your portfolio to potentially generate higher alpha via future options such as index futures, energy, commodity, currency (FX), Metal, soft grains, etc.


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Price action precedes the market action.

This propritary price action pattern program focuse on decoding some powerful price patterns that can be be viewed with naked eye, without needing any significant charting software.


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The truth about Options Trading is that 90% of Options traders lose money. Many spend thousands of dollars in seminars and trainings, lose hard earned capital without ever figuring out if they should be trading options at all?

This easy-to-understand e-book, without typical financial mumbo-jumbo, teaches you in less than 30mins the real reasons why you should trade options.


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Discover Insiders Secrets of Trading Options Successfully

In this introductory 1 day seminar learn how options can strategically position your portfolio for better returns. Discover how versatility of options can help you to manage risk better, generate income and in fact allow you to speculate with much better risk to reward ratio when compared with traditional financial instruments.

ProfitPath Intensive

The Blueprint to Making Money in Options Trading

Probably the most popular options training in Asia, the classroom training is divided into 6 comprehensive sessions (including Live Market Learning sessions) and is offered through our partners worldwide. Our next workshop is planned in Singapore on 22-23 Feb 2020. Connect via Info(at) to apply for a seat.

Trading Condors As Business

Advance Strategies to Building Successul Options Trading Business

Our one of the most sought after training that has been termed as one of the best condor training around. The program covers 5 diferent types of condors which can be used depending upon varying trading capital. Next workshop is planned on Jan 2020. Connect via Info(at) to apply for a seat