OP Newsletter: So-So Profitable Month (May’08 +1.7%)

From now onwards, OPN is taking itself to a new level. The commission are now part of the official tracking. Hardly any other newsletter service uses commissions for their published results. We shall start it here at OPNewsletter. I have already taken two steps earlier:

  1. OPN uses maximum investment capital (for calculating returns) used at any point in time during the life of portfolio even if we had to use that capital only for 2 days of the month. For example, we used 7k for the whole month but had to use additional 2 k for only 2 days, OPN monthly results are calculated based on 7k+2k=9k for the whole month.
  2. OPN uses it’s members fill price vs my personal fills which many times may be better off than member’s fills.

All of the above 3 lowers published results vs actual results in my own portfolio. FYI, I pay much lesser commissions vs what we are using for tracking.

If we take out the commissions, OPN delivered +3.89% and if we include commissions it is +1.7%. Clearly, this was the poorest performing month for OPN’s income trading portfolio below even it’s own stretched target of 5-7% per month. For perspective, this is in only month so far in the history of OPN to deliver below target. There were many speculative “bonus” trades as well which resulted in good profits to OPN members those who played. V (Earnings and intraday many times), SPW, CMI, BUCY and PCLN. These bonus trades are not part of OPNewsletter’s official tracking.

On a compounded basis, OPN has delivered nearly +44% so far in 4 months time. Just to mention again, OPN promise still stands tall, no fee if no profits.

There were several lessons that I learned along the way while managing my May portfolio and as we continue this investment marathon, I hope to build an unparalleled learning data base that will help in reducing the occurrence of the same mistake.

I have opened June 2008 income portfolios already and as of last Friday closing, including commissions мебелиwe are already up +1.0% and x-commissions we are up +2.5%. I have invested nearly 53% of OPN allocation capital and have plenty of cash should an interesting opportunity strikes.

Earlier in the day, I mentioned about pinning opportunities, GOOG was pinned at $580, DECK, DO and RIMM almost at $140, ISRG at $300 and many more. This is one of those occurrence when history repeats itself almost every month and those who are prepared reaps exceptional profits from this once in a month opportunity.

Profitable trading, OP



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