How to Make a Difference in Someone’s Life, Today

This post is not about making money, this is about options, however. It is about the options that life offers to us. It has both call as well as put options, but there is hardly anything in life that nature offers as a hedge when it comes to emotions. So I don’t have an iron condor or double diagonal today, but I do have suggestions that have potential to make someone’s life playful like a butterfly.

Myanmar is suffering from devastating Cyclone and China is suffering its worst earthquake hit in almost half the century. I have lived through some of the disastrous earth quakes, cyclones and not to mention the ugly riots. I am fortunate I am alive to be able to write this post. I am lucky to have readers like yours who force me to think and appreciate what I have. I am thankful to Leonard who laid foundation for internet for the common man and thankful to blogger networks who syndicate my blog to publish my message on Reuters, Chicago Suntimes, Palm Beach post, Washington Post and probably many more. Using all these, I hope I am able to influence a few readers to make a difference.

One may argue, China has trillion dollar in reserve that they can put for relief usage. Or Junta is still exporting rice while Myanmar is suffering from food shortage. There maybe argument about why a certain type of building suffered the most in the earthqauke or skepticism if the money will reach right hands, etc. But let’s give it a hope, going “back to basics” requires much more than government machinery. In both countries, rescue efforts are continuing, but now the focus is shifting to the millions left homeless or suffering from decease outbreaks. According to NYTimes The vice minister for civil affairs China, Jiang Li, said that nearly 280,000 tents had been sent to the area and that 700,000 more had been ordered. But as he spoke, refugees continued to pour out of the devastated mountain regions, most bringing with them little more than the clothes on their backs. Yes, government machinery did a lot to save those little 3 princesses who were saved after 86 hours. Other Rescuers had spent 30 hours working to free Mr Ma, 31, an executive at the Yingxiu Bay Hydropower plant in Wenchuan country, who was buried on the second floor of its office section for 179 hours.

Imagine being beneath the debris for that long or not having food or water for days, and you get the picture of what I mean?

Myanmar is another sad story. According to reports on Bloomberg, Myanmar junta declared three days of mourning from today for the more than 130,000 people dead or missing after the cyclone struck 18 days ago, the British Broadcasting Corp. said, citing state television. The disaster was the worst to hit Southeast Asia since the 2004 tsunami killed 220,000 people in countries in the Indian Ocean. Basic necessities, such as food and water, which we take for granted, are what people need to survive.

Life gives us some “investment opportunity” results of which are immense, probably much more than what “dollars investment in dollars” can bring. Mother Teresa made an investment that’s par excellence. I think, by changing even just one person’s life per year, I make the best investments decisions. Think about it for a minute! Let’s say I take full responsibility or one kids’ lifetime education, as long as I am capable, till the time kid is able to get either scholarships or other methods so she/he can finance her education by herself. This improves one person’s life, but this has a “multiplier effect” on the overall society. That person, if nurtured with good values, will appreciate what has been done for her/him and will make contribution to life by changing someone else’s life. At the same time, I have, potentially, also reduced one potential “miscreant” to the society by giving someone a hope.

Why you and I do it, because we are well capable of taking care of ourself. And at least I owe my success to other’s contribution to my life many of whom I know and many more that I don’t know (Yes). This is the core essential ingredient at OP. People of both places will rise sooner or later, with or without help as the life goes on. Albeit, as a global citizen we do have responsibility though.

In this capitalistic world, there maybe profit takers even from the charity work. But I personally think it’s worth taking a chance. Choose the leaders, and probability of your money being used appropriately is high. Google has set up a website, Paypal and Ebay has similar site, Unicef has it and many more like that. I personally like WFP for Food and Worldvision for sponsoring a child. I am not linked with worldvision for any material benefits. I had sponsored a child before. This girl writes me letter, sends me updates and as emotional as I am, I am touched every time I see how much difference a little $30/month is making. This is the best rate of return in my trading career.

Check yourself, what will you remember, that satisfy you the most, after a year or two, your best trade on WFMI resulting in 230% profits, missing a Google trade that would have resulted in thousands of % gains or making a contribution that will change someone’s life forever?

Choice is yours, pick a straight call or put option? As usual I’ll tell you my bias, I am bullish about life. In fact, much more bullish than I was when I was a kid. So I chose Call LEAP option. And I chose to call worldvision today to sponsor another child at $1/day.







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  1. Steve Place Avatar
    Steve Place

    If you’re looking to help relief in Burma, check out this website:

    They run 4 clinics in Burma. These clinics are illegal because they are not run by the Junta, which is why they are all the more important. They’re going to be in Burma for the next month helping with disaster relief.

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