WFMI Results (+12.5% to +230%)

Well this is a late post as I was busy opening OPNewsletter portfolios. I have invested nearly 50% of the capital for OPN and I’ll invest nearly 10% more as I always prefer to keep 30-40% free cash for any adjustment or any wonderful opportunity that may come along the way.

I mentioned my bearish perspective on WFMI and as it turned out, it didn’t deliver good for almost the same reasons that I mentioned in my post. Glad to see profits for OP readers that varies from 12.5% to 230%. This was posted on forum for free for all the readers.

This was the third successful earning mention here at OP. Earlier ones included Marvel (MVL) and Priceline (PCLN). A 100% hit rate. But as I always say, 1) Past performance is not reflective of future and 2) earnings probability is 50/50.

Today is THE DAY, aka option expiration day and it will present several pinning opportunities. Make sure you browse the website and forum to find some opportunities or past trades.

Profitable trading, OP



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