Obama, US and The Change

Sen. Barack Obama won the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination Tuesday, becoming the first African-American to be nominated for president by a major U.S. political party, dealing a stunning defeat to one-time front-runner Sen. Hillary Clinton and bringing to a dramatic close an unprecedented and historic primary race in American politics. Marketwatch a full story, read here.

Markets are tough, inflation is rising, consumers is tightening the belt, financial still struggling, construction and buildings has pretty pessimistic outlook, India is cooling [India just allowed it’s Oil& Gas companies to increase pricing (they were selling below cost) and stopped rice exports], China starting to cool, and so on….Do you see any bright spot to start the day? It’s as if the world coming to an end.

I am bullish about life and hence I try to look for bright spots even though how unimaginable it maybe. So, Who is going to save, the answer may be ironic. The spender will be the US government. Yeah I know currently US has over 9 trillions of National Debt and is facing monstrous deficits, but no matter who wins the office, they have to spend, spend and spend. That seems to me the only options to revive the economy and I don’t think the day is too far. The type of spending and where it goes is all subjected to your analysis, but it is coming.

How do you profit, there is an interesting article “How to win from stock market no matter who wins” from New York Magazine from none other than Jim Mad Cramer. Read it carefully, it has some good insights but don’t invest without proper due diligence.

It’s a hopeful change, in fact a major event on US political stage. I shall encourage my readers to pay close attention to events, discussions, debates, articles from now till November presidential elections. You may find some of the most bullish opportunities that occurs only at turning points.

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