OPNewsletter: June 2008(+6.5%)

OPNewsletter is having another positive month . So far OPN is up +6.5% and we have 50% capital free that can be reinvested either for opening other June portfolios or probably July. These returns are компютриincluding commissions. X-commissions we are up +8.1%. Though there are few more week before June option expiration, considering OPN’s targets of 5-7% per month it has already delivered this month’s goal. This month hasn’t been easy either as we did some adjustments which were different from normal OPN core strategies, but delivering consistent profit while learning together is what makes a difference.

These results doesn’t include bonus trades. For instance, just last week JOYG trade was shared for a potential opportunity that some member’s took advantage of. I also personally had varying degree of results that I shared earlier.

We still have few more weeks to June expiration and theta will start to kick-in from next week. Past two week had been challenging, and next week is not going to be easy either given oil and commodities turbulence and nervousness due to upcoming economic data,

Stay profitable, trade carefully,

Profitable trading, OP







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