Significant Milestone : Portfolio Doubled

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I was expecting it to happen during this week but it happened on Monday itself. This is a significant milestone as I have already achived 100% returns on the overall capital.

Though it took roughly 6 months, the growth rate rapidly increased soon after I converted into income trader from a speculative one. My trading hrs also significantly reduced (to the tunes of only 25%-30% of my trading time vis-a-vis pre-income trader profile) thus reducing stress.

Keep in mind though that we are in great times when there is already positive expectancy everywhere be it property market and stock market, and markets have been on a roll. Rising tide lifts all the boats and so is mine (maybe a little more than average). I am looking for “rare events” to test waters and see if these strategies can make money during those times as well, whenever it happens.

Untill then enjoy profitable rides, OP







2 responses to “Significant Milestone : Portfolio Doubled”

  1. JMOT Avatar

    Many congrats, my friend 🙂

  2. designcurve Avatar

    Congratulations OP! Well deserved. Keep up the excellent posts.


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