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For some of you this may not come as a surprise, but it did to me. I had a vague idea about this but didn’t have an idea on the extent. This is fascinating.

Nalanda University, housed in India, was founded in year 427 !!! The sprawling university, 1580 years ago had a 9-storey library, eight temples, 2,000 teachers and 10,000 live-in students from China, Japan, Korea, Persia, Indonesia and Turkey. Huh, imagine these 10,000 live-in students traveling thousands of kilometers with very minimalistic way of transportation 1500 years ago. Wow!

All ended in the year 1193 when Turkish invader Bakhtiyar Khilji sacked it so savagely that all that remain of it today are 3 temples and 14 monasteries.

This caught my attention as I pay close attention to when Mr Amritya Sen (Nobel Laureate in Economics) speaks of something. He is personally chairing the steering panel known as The Nalanda Mentor group, founded to revitalize Nalanda that is set to open its doors again to new generations in 2 years time i.e. 2009

This step, I hope will bring Bihar back to it’s glorious days. (FYI, Bihar is the most prosperous natural resources’ state of India but currently probably the least educated and least economically prosperous).

Salutes to the amazing history,OP






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