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Quick 33% gain on GLW - Learn to Trade Options | #1 Options Trading Education

Quick 33% gain on GLW

Published on May 1, 2007


  • AJ says:

    Hi OP,
    DNDN is awaiting an important FDA decision on the 15th. Any ideas on how you would play this?

  • OptionGambler says:

    Play it like a drunken slot machine handle puller on a Saturday night in Las vegas, put your rent check along with it, it may double and triple.

  • cgreene says:

    I was looking at your trade details and comparing them to the GLW chart and I am puzzled how you executed that trade. I note that GLW went up all day on 5/1, except for the first 30 minutes. Per the screenshot of your trade, you bought the put at 3:40 and sold it that day at 23:31? It would make sense if you bough the put on 4/30 and sold on 5/1 – please help me out – thanks much. Chuck
    PS: your website is very helpful and interesting – keep up the great work?

  • cgreene says:

    That should be an “!” at the end on my post, not a “?”.

  • OptionPundit says:

    Cgreene, currently I am in asia pacific and therefore my timezone is Bejing, HongKong, and Singapore (which is essentially 12 hrs ahead of US EST time). I travel often and thefore you may find my timings to vary from USEST.

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