Quick 33% gain on GLW

GLWI mentioned about GLW and MRVL here, decided to pick GLW and was rewarded with 33% profits. Here are the trade details.

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5 responses to “Quick 33% gain on GLW”

  1. AJ Avatar

    Hi OP,
    DNDN is awaiting an important FDA decision on the 15th. Any ideas on how you would play this?

  2. OptionGambler Avatar

    Play it like a drunken slot machine handle puller on a Saturday night in Las vegas, put your rent check along with it, it may double and triple.

  3. cgreene Avatar

    I was looking at your trade details and comparing them to the GLW chart and I am puzzled how you executed that trade. I note that GLW went up all day on 5/1, except for the first 30 minutes. Per the screenshot of your trade, you bought the put at 3:40 and sold it that day at 23:31? It would make sense if you bough the put on 4/30 and sold on 5/1 – please help me out – thanks much. Chuck
    PS: your website is very helpful and interesting – keep up the great work?

  4. cgreene Avatar

    That should be an “!” at the end on my post, not a “?”.

  5. OptionPundit Avatar

    Cgreene, currently I am in asia pacific and therefore my timezone is Bejing, HongKong, and Singapore (which is essentially 12 hrs ahead of US EST time). I travel often and thefore you may find my timings to vary from USEST.

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