Unusual as Usual

Unusal option activity again – it makes me wonder why will someone pay 600,000 in buying Jan 08 45 puts for NRG when the stock is trading at $79.5. That’s 44% OOM!!!! Why?


Don’t you think someone knew about good news from WPI when 30 calls across all the months were trading hugely, just before earnings!!!

Check out DJ and I promise, it’s going to be a good exercise for the eyes!!!Over 12million contract for May 35 calls, same for June and the same for September. Then over 12millions for May 55puts and call (Probably folks are hedging at 55 by buying straddles as the BE are 60 and 49.79).

How about if we knew this in advance. Coulda, woulda, shoulda. What’s going on?

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