OPNewsletter Feb +6.4% (Closed), Mar +5.1% (Open)

OPNewsletter delivered +6.4% for the Feb 2011 Income portfolio on a 58% portfolio capital investment. For Mar 2011 opened portfolios, we are up +5.1% and we still have few weeks to go. These results do not include results from speculative/bonus trades. This was our 36th positive month, out of a total 39 months of Paid Subscription based OptionPundit newsletter throughout the phase-1 and phase-2 and these times include one of the worst market conditions since the 1930s.

At present, OPNewsletter clients include ordinary part-time traders to professional Wall Street traders (trading their personal accounts) from over 20 countries and their trading experience varies from a few years to almost 2 decades of options trading. The live forum lives to help where community of traders share ideas and comment on other’s trades as well. Not only we do Iron Condor, we also invest Calendars, diagonals, double diagonals, backspread and many more. Albeit, the choice has been limited to less risky/low rewarding strategies during this unstoppable run since the QE2 was announced.

Trade what you know, learn what you don’t know !

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This is to restate, what I mentioned earlier that delivering consistency isn’t about trading 1 Iron Condor/month for a small size capital account. When you are trading a US$100,000 account that requires patience, discipline, a well defined control over greed & fear and strategies that are beyond just 1 Iron Condor. And there are many traders in OPNewsletter who trade with over US$100,000 capital. Preserving capital then takes higher priority order as opposed to investing every opportunity you see. At times, you will let go opportunities (hindsight bias) in anticipation of major market moves that might derail the portfolios. We place hedges, which sometimes are one of the dampeners for higher results but that’s ok, that’s part-n-parcel of trading life.

No matter how much marketing blitz would like you to believe from get-rick-quick-schemes, there is no “secret” to trading success; it is the EXTRA DEGREE of perseverance, EXTRA DEGREE of risk management, EXTRA DEGREE of disciplined trading, EXTRA DEGREE of what if scenario planning and EXTRA DEGREE of “Rational Expectations”. Welcome to OptionPundit! The EXTRA DEGREE in your option trading.

If you are not an OPNewsletter member and would like to sign-up, pls click here to sign-up for the waitlist as OPNewsletter subscription is open via invitation only.

Profitable Trading, OP







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