OPN Waitlist is now Open

The OP Newsletter (OPN) Pricing – US$148 (Monthly), US$399 (Quarterly) and US$1,499 (Annual)

I shall strongly encourage you to read what is OPN and what are the Terms & Conditions. As by signing-up I assume you have read, understood and agreed to all of those. Here are few things about the OPN waitlist:

  • To re-state, OPN is a “NO PROFIT, NO FEE” subscription that shares income trades I do personally.
  • OPN will continue to have limited number of subscribers. Currently OPN is being offered first to x-subscribers. If you were an x-subscriber, pls check your e-mail box and you should have a personal invitation from me to sign-up.
  • If you were not an x-subscriber, you may reserve a place for US$50 (one time only, for as long as you want to be on the waitlist). It’s not-refundable if you are offered a place within 45 days (changed from Sept 30, 2008)
  • If you don’t get place, you will be informed and US$50 will be refunded.
  • Should you prefer to be on the wait list, just drop a one liner to “OptionPundit(a)gmail.com” that you would like to continue to be on the wait-list.
  • If however, a place is available within 45days of your payment, the $50 is non-refundable should you decide not to subscribe OPN.

The “Buy Now” button is located at the top of the right sidebar.

Profitable trading, OP



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10 responses to “OPN Waitlist is now Open”

  1. kevjan Avatar

    This is very good news today. :^>

  2. bk Avatar

    $ 50 is for how long…?
    per month or per once time..?

    thx regards

  3. OptionPundit Avatar

    bk, it’s one time only for as long as you want to be on the waitlist.

  4. R Avatar

    Nice blog, long time reader first time writer. OPN seems intresting, I was almost ready to subscribe then I notice I will be placed on waitlist. Couldn’t understand waitlist for what? Do you give personal one-one attention to subscribers?
    If not, then why waitlist for receiving a copy of electronic document?

  5. Nick Avatar

    Great Blog!

    Do you offer auto-trading?

  6. OptionPundit Avatar

    Thanks Nick.

    No, I am not in favor of “auto-trading” and hence no auto trading for OPN.

    Profitable trading, OP

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  9. jmot Avatar

    Congratulations! I thought I will never see such a useful service when you terminated it the last time 😀 I think many will benefit from your newsletter 😀

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