US Market’s Ding Dong good for OPN, a +10% week

This was another excellent week for OPN. A solid 10% returns and as of Friday close, OPN Jan’08 returns stand at +20%. This excludes my “Gold” holdings which are up sharply over the last week and also excludes speculative gains on MOS and GDX. Additionally, I picked up one Dow component towards the close of the day, after heavy selling tore it apart yesterday. It reached oversold region so I am looking for a bounce on Monday and will close it shortly after opening.

Since I was quite positive of my views of the market this month I modified my portfolio allocation for this month. I am using nearly 60% of my capital in one underlying alone and so far results are pretty darn good. Barring exception, it should result in +20% by Monday as Theta alone is expected to bring nearly 2% per day and will rise further as Jan expiration approaches. Other portfolio is down nearly 6%. A 2% positive move in the underlying will turn it positive. Overall, a fantastic month in difficult times (at least till Monday).

I have partially opened Feb’08 portfolio as well and it’s almost flat despite the market’s free fall. Not bad either!

Have fun trading, profitable trading, OP



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2 responses to “US Market’s Ding Dong good for OPN, a +10% week”

  1. Bob Avatar

    How does your newsletter work? I see your results here but I don’t see your trade entries or techniques. Will you newsletter explain your signals for entry and exit or just give us the trades?



  2. OptionPundit Avatar


    Trades are posted on forum for each month. And as soon as trades are posted a notification is sent to subscribers. Then as we follow the portfolio for the whole month, members also contribute to the discussion. So it’s a dialogue type newsletter vs a typical newsletter.

    When I post a trade I do share my logic for that trade as well.

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