OPN Subscribers’ Views: Part-4

Thank you dear subscribers for your encouraging feedback. I published earlier OPN testimonials here (Part-1, Part-2 and Part-3). Your feedback especially after past two challenging month is rather much more important than it was when it was rather smoother sailing for OPNewsletter.

Let starts with Wayne Hom from USA-

The best thing about OP is that he puts his money where his mouth is. You know the guy is in it with you so he’s not some “sideline” know-it all without the accountability of feeling the pain. He’s making the trades and adjustments with you. I have seen newsletters and services where they put out the initial entry, give you the criteria for loss/profit exit, and then call it a day. You have no idea what their real rate of return is because they enter and exit at some “theoretical” point similar to back-testing approaches. It doesn’t consider the real emotions of trading, and the real issues most of us face of having day jobs. OP keeps the “official” book on the adjustments and closes, but he extends his hands out to help those of us who have “missed” the adjustment or close by a day or several days due to the constraints of real life. That is invaluable.

I guess I would summarize by saying that OP is like a trading simulator simulating all the aspects of trading not just the identification of a trade and entry. You can follow along in real-time and ask questions and see what others are saying as the trades unfold. It doesn’t hurt that most of the times we make money in the process. And when those times occur when the trade goes against us, OP does his best to correct either this trade or offset in another trade so that we, including himself, come out ok. Most of the time, he pulls it off (though it still scares the heck out of me).

Wayne Hom
San Mateo, CA USA
5 years of study, but only about 1 year of real trading

Thanks Wayne. I am thankful for your feedback. Last two months were not easy. In fact one of the most difficult months during the life span of OPN and we managed to sail through it. Nice stress test for our strategies.

I have been a regular visitor and an early forum member but joined the OPN only in April.
I still consider myself an Options newbie as before joining OPN i was just using Straight Calls or Straight Puts based on my directional Analysis.

If i were to summarise my experience with OPN in 3 words i would say : Transparency , Community and Learning

Transparency : Complete openness about the Tracking. In fact the decision to take members fills accentuate the Transparency aspect and really appreciate you for that .Also, in many cases i can see OP assisting members who may be late for a fill as to what could be the best way/time to get the fills on different strikes.

Community : I enjoy the Community experience a lot. The discussion on Fills brings a sense of friendly competition, the sharing of sentiments when PBR,Visa were going all over the place..all makes one feel a part of Community.

Learning : These 2 months have made me read up a lot on Iron Condor, Calendar Spreads, Effect of Volatility..and i realize reading is one thing and trading and experiencing the things u read about is a totally different thing. I am glad that i used OPN as a first platform for Income Trading.It also makes me realize a few things about myself e.g, As a directional Trader why i made losses and how could i have avoided some of those losses…

All in all ,i know these are just my initial baby steps in the world of Options, I look upon OPN as a long term continuous learning source…as i have miles to go before i sleep………….:)

Name : Ajay Sunder
Country : Singapore
Investment Experience : Option newbie..less than one year Options Trading experience.Before joining OPN was limited to buying Straight Calls/Puts based on directional Analysis.

Thanks Ajay. Looking forward to long association and being successful together.

Nothing much has changed from my first thoughts. Few additional thing I learned since then are:

  1. Negotiate on prices when putting the trades.
  2. Better understanding on Pinning.
  3. Different ways of adjusting a trade
  4. Book recommended by you on Volatility was excellent.

Further, making us think on catastrophe in the world and Mother’s day.
Varun Balendra, USA

Thanks Varun. I strongly believe that no matter what we do, we should give some time/resources to the society we live in and the companions, friends and families are what makes the life fulfilling. The success, without the success of those who matters, is not tasty.

I like the consistency in monthly profits from your your service. Capital preservation is very important in investing and this service seeks to do that making sure that our hard earned money is preserved at all costs. Keep up the good work and the great consistency in making money month after month.

Thanks again.
Singapore and investment experience 5 years.

Thanks Chik. Yes, we are driving for consistent monthly income. And that’s why we don’t speculate and we don’t over allocate our hard earned capital.

Thank you all. I shall remaining feedbacks later.

Profitable trading, OP


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