My Biggest Enemy, Reversals (Too Strong, Too Quick)

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Now I can probably better relate to money manager’s psychology for unloading their positions. It took me two days to liquidate my portfolio and guess what, during those two days massive reversals happened on my portfolio underlying and nearly 50% of my Nov gains were gone. I adjusted portfolio on huge reversal down and then again I had to adjust on huge reversal up yesterday. And all this, in the expiration week when theta rewards doesn’t justify the hurt due to Delta and Vega. Alright Mr Market, thank you for being a good teacher. I have taken notes and I shall take care next time.

Here is the momentum stocks list that were on watch list. I am adding both chart “before and after” rally. It was a solid rally with volume expansion. Was it a turning point, probably? However, I need to see a follow through day before I am convinced that yes it was. By the way, here is another hypothesis for the rally (how true, I don’t know). Don’t forget to see Adam’s post on stock pinning opportunity, he pins it almost all the time. There is lot of good reading material on his blog, browse it for gems and prepare for the coming Friday.

Before- screenhunter_02-nov-13-1349.gif After – screenhunter_01-nov-14-1402.gif

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  1. Diana Yanti Avatar
    Diana Yanti

    Hi OP, what is stock pinning? Thanks.

  2. TraderR Avatar

    Hi OP,
    I completely relate to your experience. I have an IC on RUT. The stock is flirting with by Break Even daily. I am just $1 .5 away from BE and today is last trading day for RUT… I will close my position on market open.

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