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OPN Nov'07 + 17.11% - Learn to Trade Options | #1 Options Trading Education

OPN Nov’07 + 17.11%

Published on November 17, 2007

OPN Nov’07 + 17.11%

November 17, 2007

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I wrote earlier on OPN forum section that I shall be closing on Monday or Tuesday. But markets didn’t give me a chance (as if it does to others) to close those. All the 3 mini-portfolio’s that were open as of Friday closing were beaten very badly. From a +39% return as of last week, it closed only at +17.1% (a 22% loss of profits).

Here is a comparison of what happened –

  • OIH +27.75% —> -6.27%!!!
  • GDX from 14.11% —> -0.86%!!!
  • MA from 23.92% –>+10.36%!!!

List of earlier mini-portfolio closures:

  • MON +45.9%
  • BHP +30.5%
  • DE +17.2%
  • BG +5.7%

Overall OPN’s Nov’07 results were +17.1%, a 7th consequent profitable month. Though +17.1% is still pretty cool considering that I now target only for +6.99% monthly to double my capital every year, it hurts to see profit evaporating within 2 days. Though dissatisfactory, the week was full of learnings which I have captured in my OPN database. I am happy those learning costed me only part of profits not original capital loss. Based on these learnings, I am going to slightly alter my trading strategies.

Good trading, Profitable trading, OP


  • Midas says:

    Hi OP thanks for sharing your results and congratulations 17% is a great return for a month !
    If I wasn’t a former subscriber to your newsletter I would be doubting if these results were for real but I had seen you obtaining these types of results for the 2 months (June/July) I was following your newsletter in real time
    I was wondering if the portfolio’s that you had opened were the multiple calendar strategy or something else
    Please notify me when you open newsletter up again to subscribers (I can sure use the help)

  • davidtsc27 says:

    Hi OP,

    Once again you had did it….17% return is a great result. Hope I can have the same result as you.


  • OptionPundit says:

    Hi Midas and David, thanks for the comments.
    Midas, it’s mix bag of strategies but mainly it was in calendars. I shall surely let you know when I re-open the OPN.


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