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Too Good to be True, But It’s True

Published on November 13, 2007

Too Good to be True, But It’s True

November 13, 2007

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Here is a recap of how I served OP reading community over the past two weeks-

  • I shall sell into any rally (Nov 12) rally took place before fading. Gold stopped losing around $800 (Nov 12).
  • Be selective on any rise, (Nov 6), mentioned not to be trapped by any rally. Rally didn’t happen.
  • FXI- It can’t be better than this, (Nov 8, 5 and Oct 30) FXI down over $46 since then.
  • 3 Cautious break-out plays, Nov 7 (Mon touched nearly$100 before faltering, FSLR is an interesting story read my pre and post earning posts, OXY didn’t break-out).
  • Bullish Bearish, On Oct 29/30 painted 3 scenarios for post fed outcome (2 of which bearish). Market acted precisely bearish and Dow is down over 800 points since then. And China stocks, you bet it. Most high fliers are nearly 30% down post that. And Gold, it had been rocking since then (except a correction y’day, I’ll share why is that, some other time).

Momentum watch-list.gifFor a list of the then momentum stocks that were on my watch list, check for yourself what a day it was yesterday!!

There were a few downs and other intra-day note worthy picks like CROX and metals, but I hope from a “big picture” point of view OP enriched your perspective about the market and help you save some money via proper risk planning. It was straight here without twisting the language and above all, free of cost.

Trade carefully, trade profitably, OP


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