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Credit Spread TGT : Profit 12.5%

Published on February 6, 2007

Credit Spread TGT : Profit 12.5%

February 6, 2007

Based on the tip from downtrader’s blog, I decided to play “bullish” direction on Target (TGT). There were two choices; either I could have gone long by buying straight call or via spreads. I chose later and opened a credit spread (Feb 60/57.5 bull put spread for $0.50/$2.00 per spread. I sold it for $0.25 per spread by collecting 50% of my premium resulting in $0.25/$2.00 profit i.e. 12.5% profit for 1 week holding. Here are the chart and transaction details   screenhunter_4.jpg  screenhunter_5.jpg  

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