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GOOG Earning plays :4th and final win (all win) - Learn to Trade Options | #1 Options Trading Education

GOOG Earning plays :4th and final win (all win)

Published on February 6, 2007

GOOG Earning plays :4th and final win (all win)

February 6, 2007

Here is a quick update on my Google earning play. Overall I played 4 trades for google and three were winner that I called out here. The only trade that was in loss zone was this one. Last night when google fell, $14, it also became profitable. If google stays where it is or fall further below by Feb 15th, I will keep all the credit received i.e. $855 over $3145 margin required and that’s cool 27%. Here is how the current chart looks like


White line represents as of today and green line, as of expiration. Once I close it, I shall share what price I closed. Till then, Cheers and profitable trading, OptionPundit


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