Opportunities tonight

There are some wonderful earnings play that one can take advantege of. Worth mentioning are CELL, BOBJ, EXBD, WIRE, MFLX, TZOO, APOL, CI and ICE. Backspread could be a good idea for non-directional but one has to choose right strike and ratio. Personally I have chosen MFLX and CELL to play overnight.

Cheers and have fun profiting tonight, OptionPundit






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  1. […] Yesterday, I wrote (click here) about MFLX and CELL that I played for earning using backspread strategy. Both are looking promising and I expect both of those to open significantly higher. Interesting thing is about MFLX specially which is around 1 yr low. The resistances are around $20 and $24. Depending upon how it opens, I might play a directional trade i.e. bull put strategy as well. […]

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