VMC Double Diagonal: Closed 24.6% Profit

In stead of waiting till friday and get more Juices out of it (or otherwise) I decided to close my VMC double diagonal income trade. Key reason for closing the trade is rise in IV and also the current stock market environment. Should the stock fall further I may lose out the winning position so decided to take it off.


I had update the original trade here. if you follow the link, you may find the whole history of the trade. Do notice that, this trade has absorbed the rise and fall of recent market. I feel good that this trade passed the time test and still yielded nice profit.

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  1. Rapheal Avatar

    Your OP blog is excellent. I try to follow it for every trade and I really learn a lot. However can you summarize how do you find such trade and the entry/exit point as a whole trading plan?
    Happy trading

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