NEW (closed for 273% profit), BKUNA and NDE

Registered users received my alert for BKUNA and NDE sometime either before or just in time when US market opened today. Both fell wonderfully giving great rewards. I shall send the transaction details later on about which ones did I open and which strikes etc.

I also closed my NEW positions without waiting to squeeze last dollar from it. The rewards were $273% for less than 2weeks holding (I bot $5 March put for $0.95-$1.00 and sold today for $3.70). Instead I employed that money for NDE and BKUNA. Which turned out to be a good decision. MER fell below $80, and if by friday it is pinned at $80 or so, I will be reap full benefits of my adjustment to MER trade that I had mentioned earlier.

I am happy I was not playing the musical chairs and was out. As of today, I am in good cash to pick-up few opportunities should market tango tomorrow. At the same time I am waiting for expiration for NKE and MER income portfolios. I don’t plan to open any income trades as I am continuing to travel in India for my holidays.

Cheers and profitable trading, OptionPundit






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