Unusal Options Activity

There are 3 tickers that came to my attention today:

  1. AMKR, check out Jul 17.5 Calls, 1363 traded vs only 56 open interest.
  2. CPHD- Jul 15 calls, 750 calls vs only 85 open interest
  3. COCO – Jul 17.5 calls 1380 traded vs 286 open interest

Do you smell something?  Profitable trading, OP






One response to “Unusal Options Activity”

  1. Lucas Avatar

    I have looked at options unusual activity quite a bit in the past few months and have tended to find that spikes that occur on days with 2.5% or more price movement are related to just that – the price movement that day. I tend to filter out from this list the equities that have large price movements, news stories on potential mergers (or other episodic events). What’s your take–?

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