Do we still have quality left?

Although markets have been rising relentlessly, I am still looking for more bullish plays. 

Those who have been reading this blog for a while know that “Magic Formula Investing” has been one of the key screens I have been using for quite sometime. My last find was MRO that delivered great results till last month. Not that this month is bad, but after stock split it doesn’t fit into my criteria for income spreads so I am on lookout for other underlying.

Those who would like to know more about this, type “Magic Formula Investing” in search box and you will find all the related articles. 

Here are two screens that I ran after close yesterday. First one is focused for the companies that 1 billion or above in the market cap and other screen looks at the stocks that are 500millions and above. I have screened only for top 25, but you may go to the website and run for 50 or 100 to find more choices. I am attaching screenshots of both. 

 winning-trade_29.jpg    winning-trade_28.jpg

Have fun analyzing and looking for what suits your investing style. I am personally looking for “Bullish”  picks in different sectors. I think after window dressing is done by today and tomorrow, the money will flow to different sectors.

Profitable exploring, OptionPundit






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