This is Why Feb Options Trading Results Are Already Up +3%

As an options trader, I prefer higher implied volatility environment and this years’s continued higher volatility continues giving more profits. A simple 20Days VIX moving average is above 18 and both 50 and 200dma are on the rising trend giving options traders for opportunities to trade. We have market neutral, long vega trades structured to benefit from time decay as well and that’s one of the key reasons to bring in nicer gains…

OPNewsletter‘s Jan’15result were +27.7% and for February 2015 it is up +3% of 60% of capital utilization. As we have a few pre-earning play such as TSLA, CSCO, WFM and BIDU, we can expect start to reap profits and reallocate the capital to different options trading strategies as earning season comes to a close.

I am planning to stop giving new memberships from next month, so if you would like to benefit together as a small group, you may want to sign-up now and don’t miss out on greater opportunity I expect on our way  during next 3 months.


Here is what an OPN member said:

My experience with OPN is so far, excellent. You take very good care of your participants. So much so that I wonder how long you can keep it going. If you remember I indicated that your newsletter circulation by its very nature must remain small. In order for you to keep the excellent one-on-one relationships you have with your readers, you must have a limited base. Likewise from a trading standpoint, if your followings get too large you will affect the option market and defeat the purpose of the newsletter. In my limited experience, this is the only newsletter that I am aware of with direct personal responses from the writer. You are extremely open with your results, and that I believe is a benefit. From all appearances you too have skin in the game. I might say that your record is truly amazing so far. I have already learned a great deal just by watching some of the previous trades. I am astounded that selling and buying options can be made in such a way as to limit capital exposure. Unfortunately I do think of the newsletter as a self-limiting endeavor. If too many folks are locked into OPN, I think it will be difficult, if not impossible to keep your current track record. I presently feel as if I have been invited to share a secret that can not only build wealth, but also can provide an education that will allow sustained income. I don’t want that to be damaged or destroyed in the near term.

David Severy ,
Moorpark, CA, USA

Sign_up_buttonThis year is an year of change for OPN as well, Expect a lot more unconventional options trading strategies as I strongly believe we are going to see amazing profiting opportunities this year.

OPNewsletter is a complete package that includes not just the non-directional trades but also the directional trades. We trade not just the Implied volatility but also swing trades based on technical analysis. There are CALENDAR SPREADS, IRON CONDORS, VERTICAL DEBIT SPREADS, CREDIT SPREADS, BUTTERFLY SPREADS and a lot more.

If you’re still waiting on the sidelines, it’s time to join now before OPN subscriptions are closed once again next month. There are plenty of earnings and implied volatility plays.

There is NO SUBSTITUTE for experience and delivering consistent results for the past 80+ months is not kids play either. Check it out yourself, while subscriptions are still open till Mar’15, what does an ULTIMATE OPTIONS TRADING EXPERIENCE mean.

Profitable Trading, OP







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