OPN Jan 2015 +27.7%, Feb’15 +5.4% (Open)

As I mentioned at the start of 2015, this is a year of change for Markets. If Jan barometer is anything to go by, then Jan’2015 doesn’t speak well for the rest of 2015. Albeit, we have also learnt during the past several years, that don’t forecast, just trade the price..

Even though broader markets suffered from increased volatility and performed poorly, OP Income Newsletter delivered great set of results. Overall it delivered +27.7% on 54.4% of capital utilization, thus delivering a solid +15% on OVERALL PORTFOLIO. And we are well positioned for Feb portfolios as well and in this first week, as of Market close on Feb 2, OP Income newsletter Feb’15 is already up +5.4% on 35.3% capital utilization!!! (If you are an OPN Member, you can download the P&L Spreadsheet from the members’ section).

If you would like to here what some of our customers are saying, please listen to Mr Sandy from Texas, USA…

This year is an year of change for OPN as well, Expect a lot more unconventional options trading strategies as I strongly believe we are going to see amazing profiting opportunities this year. OPNewsletter is a complete package that includes not just the non-directional trades but also the directional trades. We trade not just the Implied volatility but also swing trades based on technical analysis. There are CALENDAR SPREADS, IRON CONDORS, VERTICAL DEBIT SPREADS, CREDIT SPREADS, BUTTERFLY SPREADS and a lot more.

Sign_up_buttonIf you’re still waiting on the sidelines, it’s time to join now before OPN subscriptions are closed once again next month. There are plenty of earnings and implied volatility plays.

There is NO SUBSTITUTE for experience and delivering consistent results for the past 80+ months is not kids play either. Check it out yourself, while subscriptions are still open till Mar’15, what does an ULTIMATE OPTIONS TRADING EXPERIENCE mean.

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