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A very Happy New Year to all the OptionPundit readers. May this new year bring lots of love, good health, peace, success and prosperity to you and your loved ones! May the 2010 be a shining year that we shall remember as a year of transformation that brought lot of cheers to the world community and economy.

This is to start a weekly column on OPNewsletter testimonials. I am always grateful for the trust you’ve placed in me and thank you for championing OPNewsletter.

Hi OP,

I find it hard to put into words the value of the service you (and the whole OP community) offer the individual retail trader and investor. In my opinion, this style of options trading is the only path to consistent and repeatable profitability. I also have not found another service that puts all of these strategies together the way that optionpundit.com does. It feels like a true group of friends and peers that are learning and growing together, not just someone taking our money and throwing out trade ideas. I sincerely appreciate the time and efforts you put into your service for your members, especially at the price you offer it for. True knowledge is priceless.

Thanks Again,
David Castello
Ormond Beach, Florida, USA

Continue to read more testimonials here. David is currently venturing into real estate, to benefit from opportunity that exist in the foreclosures. He has started a thread on OP Discussion forum and if you are interested in joining hands, why not drop a message on the forum.

Happy New Year!

Profitable trading, OP



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