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For US stock market, it was almost a flat week in general. However, beneath the surface, market internals are suggesting a short term pull back. Albeit, this is an interesting market that has been trending up defying all technical (probably except one) or fundamental indicators. This is a market that is overvalued, overbought, overbullish, facing with rising yield conformation and much more, but guess what, “market can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent”.

Dow Jan 15 2010Look at the chart attached, and you will notice that Dow has been pretty much trending in a channel for the past 9 months. As soon as it hits the upper channel, it pulls back and similarly when it hits lower channel, Dow rises. However, look closely and you will notice that, in the past 6 weeks, for first time Dow has been creeping slowly up but towards the bottom of the channel.  Is there a change in Market’s mood? we’ll only know in retrospect.

Here is the OPN testimonial of the week from one of the oldest member of OPNewsletter.

Dear OP,

I have been a keen reader of your blog for almost a year and when you initially started OPN I jumped in rightway knowing this is once in a lifetime opportunity to learn from somebody who is the top of his game. What I admire most about you/OPN is not just the trades but the education and the personal touch. I feel like I am communicating with a mentor and friend.

Learning from you is an incredible experience. Your depth of knowledge is vast and you can explain in a language one can easily understand. Prior to discovering your website my experience with options is primarily long calls , puts and vertical spreads at best. You introduced me to income trading and inspired me to learn a lot about options. These strategies suit my style where I don’t have to watch the market tick by tick.

Your results speak for themselves. They are consistent and outstanding in a market as volatile as it can get over the last one year. I am looking forward to work with you for a long long time. Finally I want to thank all OPN members for making OPN an outstanding community.

Sridhar A
New York, US
Investment experience: Stocks – 8 yrs, options – 5 yrs

Sri has been an active OPN member and pulled together lot of resources on Option Trading/ OP’s style of trading so that other members can shorten their learning curve. He has also been actively sharing his trading knowledge with other members via OPN discussion forum. Thanks Sri. I sincerely appreciate the kind words and help.

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Profitable Trading, OP



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