POT Annouced stock split, so what?

POT announced stock split last night. So what?

Sometimes I play bullish directional strategies on stock split play with clearly defined entry and exit points. I played this on NKE and was rewraded nicely. Now I am looking at POT to do the same after dust settled when the market opens today. pot-stock-split.png

Without going into too much of technicals, I like it. Check out the chart, don’t draw those wonderful MACDs/Stochastics/Oscillators and so on. Simply look at it visibly and notice the trend with volumes. Both are nicely up. occassionally there have been pull backs but to take it higher.

I am looking for spreads with bullish bias on this. Plenty of choices to play bull put, bull calendar(s), bullish diagonal, OOM butterflies to enjoy the ride.

If you would like to discuss with other, feel free to check out OP’s discussion forum.

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