JDSU is down over 10%

So here it goes, the JDSU is down by 10% in the pre-market. I mentioned about JDSU yesterday (click here) and highlighted that there was huge transaction volume in May 17 calls and anticipated that it might be annoucing something positive after market closes.

I was onboard, and solely based on Unusal options, I bot May 17 calls for $0.60. Now, it is literally going to be worthless when market opens. Speculative! Here comes coulda, woulda, shoulda. If only I would have sold before market, my gains were 16% in one day!! (It closed at $0.70) but since greed overcame and there was not detailed analysis suporting the move, it is going to be loser. But guess what, my trade management rule saved as I had invested only less than 1% of portfolio in this, so the loss is less than 1% of overall portfolio.

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  1. joan Avatar

    what is your take on this hot tomato as I got allocated 100 shares but put in interest for 360 shares last week?.


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