Outperformance : OPNewsletter Feb’09 +5.85%(Open)

An excellent month for OPNewsletter so far. Overall, OPNewsletter is up +8.87% x-commissions and +5.85% including commissions. We didn’t have to make any major adjustments to our portfolios except one which rolled partially to next month. We closed one portfolio for +17.17% gains and except any major disastrous events on Tuesday market open, remainder portfolios stands to gain good theta decay over the long weekend. This is what OPN wants, portfolios to be as boring as possible. We didn’t get fills on two income portfolios else results would have been even stronger.

These results doesn’t include the speculative directional trade which were shared here (only OPN subscribers can see this thread) and here at my profile on InvesCafe (Free) which includes likes of RIMM +40%, V +7.8%, BIDU +5.2%, BAC +10% to +40%, ESI + 33%, SRS, STT, WHR, BTU, AXP, CAT, ISRG, BLK and many more. I opened multiple positions where some won some lost (due to inability to fill ontime as I was away and didn’t want to autotrade). Hardly any of those missed the expectations except the VXX which I intentionally closed.

Other highlights includes my warning on Friday when markets were going higher in anticipation of stimulus package which proved right. Not that I have crystal ball, but it’s an experience I have been observing in the events of past few years.

Overall an excellent month except that we didn’t invest a lot of capital for income spreads (only a max of 26.5%), but as I mentioned earlier, capital preservation is higher importance than missing a potential opportunity, especially in markets like current ones. We may always make more money if we have trading capital preserved. Once trading capital is lost, we can’t benefit from any opportunity even if it is as sure as that sunrise.

I shall be looking for March’09 portfolios. if you would to sign-up, pls click here.

Cheers and profitable trading, OP


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