Out-performance Continues, OPN Jan’15 +3.6% (Open)

Dow, S&P500 and Nasdaq, all major US indices are back into red for 2015 so far, while OPNewsletter Jan’15 portfolios are up +3.65% so far. After booking +30% gains on VXX (a volatility play), we have also gained +7% on our Russell 2000 or RUT Iron Condor. We are comfortably placed for our 12-15% target for this condor. In fact, inspite of big pullback our bullish pick Virgin America (VA) showed amazing relative strength and gained +9% within the first day of opening. XLE butterflies are slightly underwater, but another volatility play VIX is up over +13%. We added 3 more portfolios yesterday alone which should bring nice gains next week.

There is something unique about the pullback yesterday which hasn’t happened at least during the last 4 pullbacks. If you are an OPN member, you will hear more about this on Tuesday as I want to watch Monday’s action before releasing that report.

Listen to what US National Athlete Randall Bal (former world champion) has to say about OptionPundit service-

Earning season is about to start and there are so many amazing play. High relative volatility is going to make this quarter very different from previous quarters. If you are not yet a member, the subscriptions are currently open and you may want to experience the powerful consistency of income yourself.  With NO PROFIT, NO FEE offer, there is nothing to worry about to join today.

Profitable Trading, OP







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