OPNewsletter Subscribers’ Views: Part-2

Thank you dear subscribers. I am touched by all your feedback and many thanks for taking time and writing few (in fact a lot) of words about OPNewsletter. Read here for the earlier customer feedback, and here is the 2nd part. I shall be publishing next part later. One of the common concern among most of the subscriber is to keep the group small and don’t let OPN become large. I shall be closing it to new members once I hit the number I have in my mind. And this number is in proportion to the liquidity of the underlying we play.

Let me start this with Ram-


I have tried several newsletters earlier and this is definitely one of the best in terms of consistency. My experience with OPN has been extremely satisfactory (i have been a member for just 2 months). I like the way you report the results and it educates us a great deal not only with the trades, but with the management, documentation etc. Cannot find such overall trade management newsletter that easily.

My biggest worry about recommending a newsletter to someone has always been, “what if i recommend to friend or a relative, who don’t understand the trades and loses money due to their mismanagement?”. Never a good thing when someone loses money on what you said. Having said that. I certainly see myself recommending you to my mother’s retirement income portfolio on a small account and i think that surmises the trust i have with OPN.

Ram Krishnamurthy, Ashburn, VA, USA
(Originally from India)
Investment exp: Stocks 9 yrs, Options 5 yrs.

Ram, I am so thankful for the confidence you have shown in OPN. I hope that OPN will continue to deliver it’s promise for the long time to come and we grow together to make money be it small or large capital base. There is much that we can also learn from you. Pls continue to share your experience on the forum.

“I have been a reader of the blog over the past few months. It was natural to be skeptical with newsletters which promise to deliver >10% average based on past history. However, I was pleasantly surprised on the trades on how well it is being discussed. Now 2 months subscriptions is not a lot, but good enough on the capability of the newsletter.

The secret is two fold. Keeping the group as small as possible. Expert analysis by the OP team. I find this newsletter as a good source of learning which you normally won’t find in seminars. The fact I will renew my subscription when it comes due soon, is a compliment which means a lot.

VB, Toronto, Canada

Thanks VB and I appreciate your kind words. We’ll keep the number small.

Hi OP,
I was initially not sure if i wanted to give a testimonial. I am a little afraid that this service could turn into a “what works on wallstreet” disaster. If you are unaware- A smart gentleman wrote a book by that tittle. In it he had years of research indicating strategies that have worked for 50yrs in some cases. He then capitalized on the books findings by starting a Large Mutual fund which then underperformed the market for a “relatively” long time! “What USED to work on wallstreet!!! LOL I WANT OPN ALL TO MYSELF!

OPN is a great service. It is Transparent, insightful, and reactive to the market. I have tried dozens of sites on the web… some good others crooks! OP falls into his own category… Not only is OPN a great way to avoid beginner’s loss, you could actually hope to learn from OP’s mastery with time and effort. This is not a site for the self proclaimed hobbyist options maverick. However, if you want to use this site as a way to steepen your learning curve by follow up on OP’s insights with homework, then i welcome you to our “community.”

I have been trading/investing in stocks and futures since my senior year of high school. Now i am finishing up my undergrad with a major in finance. I came to OPN with a very strong foundation in options theory… now i put it to practice!

By summer’s end i will be a: RIA, CFP, CTA and a professional money manager of a small Hedge fund

Long Island, NY USA

Damian, thanks for the vote of confidence. This is a big market and we have seen only 2-3 strategies so far. Let the markets be a little better and we’ll take out more from our toolbox. You are a valued member of the forum, your potential is clearly visible in the quality of posts and answers you give to other members. By the way, I do have a plan to close subscription once I achieve this number I have in my mind. Later, new members can join only when someone from OPN community decides to take time-off.

I’ve just recently subscribed to OP’s services and I must say it is my best choice since I started my trading 1 year ago. I like the way how OP adjust its trade according to the market condition where risks are minimise and at the same time achieving wonderful returns months after months. With OP’s approach, u don’t have to stay in front of the computer EVERYDAY and you won’t have to go to bed worrying that if the market crashes, your entire capital will be gone. OP make sures that the downside of your portfolio is protected and your money is working hard for you.

Besides achieving great returns, OPN is a great place to learn and improve your knowledge about options trading. All I can say is that OPN is far better than those seminars that claimed to make magnificent returns but failed to deliver and I am happy to be an OPN subsriber.

Aaron Tan
Active options trader since 2007

Thanks Arun. It’s a simple philosophy here at OPN, if we can’t make money and can’t deliver value to customers, sooner or later customers will find out no matter what the marketing pitch is. Hence, at OPN, “No Profit, No fee” which shows commitment and rewards tied-up to the performance.

“OPNewsletter is more than just a stock newsletter.The focus is not on selling more subscriptions but on producing consistent results month after month, while providing invaluable education along the way. The personal attention you receive is unbelievable.”

New Jersey, Country: USA
Investment Experience: 10years(stocks) 2years(options)

Poorna thanks for the kind words and it’s pleasure to have someone of your caliber who has wide range of experience, not only in stocks but in other asset class as well and in other markets too. Thanks for being part of OPN community.

All, thanks again. Hope OPN continues to deliver the value and we’ll keep number manageable and hence the waitlist.

Profitable trading, OP







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  1. Jordan Deneis Avatar

    I am a long time reader and original subscriber to opn, I admire you market prowess and would love to join the opn again in the future. What is the capital requirements for each months total portflio, what is the minimum amount of capital needed to trade the opn recommendations per month.

  2. OptionPundit Avatar

    Hi Jordan, How are you? I recommend $10,000 as starting capital for experience traders (and paper trading for “new to options” folks). Since you were original OPN member, there is no need for you to sign-up via wait list.Drop me an e-mail and I shall send you invite to join OPN

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