OPNewsletter Returns +6.2% in Sept’08

In what could be summarized as tumultuous month for the US markets, full of volatility and extreme intradays moves and strong reversals, OPNewsletter Sept portfolios returned +6.2% including commissions. This beats my revised target of 5% including comissions (vs earlier 5-7% x-comissions). This surely wasn’t an easy month for an income trader but a portfolio approach and diversification helped me achieve positive results. I used up a max of 53% of overall capital during month and opened 5 portfolios-

  • GLD -16.67%
  • SPY barely break-even at +0.6%
  • EWZ +5.3%
  • DIA +23.57%
  • RUT +28.64%

These doesn’t include directional alerts that I sent to OPNewsletter members (DBC +30% and GS +12%, and bearish alerts on POT, CF, MOS and MON). These were not part of OPN and hence these are not counted in the OPNewsletter tracking. And yeah, we have one for LEH as well, results of which we’ll come to know on Monday.

We are in the process of Opening October portfolio as well as new openings for sign-ups. If you would like to join OPNewsletter, pls sign-up for the waitlist by clicking at “Buy Now” button on the rightmost siderbar at the top corner. If you would like to read subscriber’s testimonials, pls feel free to read here.

Have fun and profitable trading, OP


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