OPNewsletter (Oct’09) Up +9.5%

88.7% capital invested, no major adjustment needed, all but one portfolios made money and closed, 1 portfolio still open (down -2.9%), OPNewsletter delivered +9.58% x -commissions and +7.8% including commissions. As good as it gets. We are starting to look out and analyze opportunities for November 2009 income portfolio. If you are not an OPNewsletter member and would like to join, pls sign-up for the waitlist here.

These results don’t include returns from speculative trades i.e. bonus alerts.  I shared trade ideas on GOOG and GLD. While GOOG trade required adjustment as GOOG quickly bounced from 480s  (I didn’t close the trade), GLD trade is working excellent.

Gold is decidedly above $1,000 while USD is continuing to weaken.  For the stock markets, while a debate is going on between the Bulls and Bears, there don’t seem to be a clear technical sign for any major top. Personally, I don’t belong to the Bulls camp but I am not short this market either.

Looking forward to an action packed earning’s week. I am likely to play a few counters for earning related moves. Stay in touch.

Profitable Trading, OP


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