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OPNewsletter Dec +5.3% (Open) - Learn to Trade Options | #1 Options Trading Education

OPNewsletter Dec +5.3% (Open)

Published on November 22, 2009

OPNewsletter Dec +5.3% (Open)

November 22, 2009

The December portfolio’s weekly update is now available at the OP Discussion forum (Member’s only section). To access the Subscriber’s Page of the forum, sign on with your own username and password by clicking here. Continue to read full post as  I shall be sharing links to good articles/ resources.

OPNewsletter Dec 2009 Portfolio

OPNewsletter Dec 2009 Portfolio

OPN December portfolio has invested 68.2% of 10K assumption capital per portfolio spread and this is invested in 3 main sub-portfolios. Iron condor sub-portfolio alone is up +10%. I might open one more portfolio in the coming week and then we let it run for the month.

OPNewsletter has consistently outperformed the broader market. Pls read customer reviews or If you would like to sign-up for OPNewsletter directly, pls click here to sign-up for the wait-list (as the subscription is by invitation only).

Financial freedom is usually the number one goal that most investors aim for. Some want that freedom as soon as next month or next year, while some work through a very disciplined approach and prepare for long haul. Albeit, talk to any financial planner and he or she will direct you to that “one number” you need your net worth by to retire comfortably and often that number starts with $Million and or above.

Monevator has a different way to think about it.

“If your salary arrived in your bank account no matter what you did, wouldn’t you be free? You could quit work the next day, if you wanted – or you could get a more enjoyable or meaningful job, work for charity, or do a dozen other more fulfilling things instead.

I think he has nicely crystallized basic philosophy for financial freedom. Read this post to understand why he is focusing on growing his annual passive income stream to replace his income, rather than concentrating on his net worth. Later on, I shall also be sharing some practical tools that one can use to chart out freedom journey.

Don’t forget the landmark decision on Thursday– A key congressional panel on Thursday approved legislation introduced by the Texas congressman that – for the first time in the central bank’s 95-year-history — would require government audits of Federal Reserve monetary policy, as well as how much the central bank has lent and will lend to specific bank. We’ll know soon what are implications of this.

Coming back to option trading, Here are two important links that I will highly recommend to those who are new to Option Trading. First one is a link to Chartbender; they have an excellent free web manual of various option trading strategies. This is a visual representation of basic spreads i.e. Calendar spread, Iron Condor, Credit spreads, Debit Spreads, Diagonal spreads, Butterflies and more. Read it to gain a good understanding of various option trading strategies.

Second link is to an Option Strategy Screener ; once you have formed an idea about various option trading strategies, it’s time to simulate and screen some of those. While you are simulating a strategy, the simulator also provides you with explanation.

Once you are done with basic understanding of Option trading, sign-up for OptionPundit for a real world experience, to make money consistently, together. Pls read what other customers have to say about OPNewsletter or If you would like to sign-up for OPNewsletter directly, pls click here to sign-up for the wait-list (as the subscription is by invitation only)

If you know of some other good tools that can help in enhancing other trader’s skills level, pls feel to share via comments section.

Profitable Trading, OP

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