OPN Subscribers’ Views: Part-1

I am very delighted to share OPNewsletter readers’ feedback that I received on how satisfied they are with OPNewsletter and if it’s delivering the value they desired for. I am touched and feel happy that OPN was able to make a difference.

I just wanted to thank you for the awesome job you’ve done providing very profitable trades consistently in your newsletter month after month ! When I first saw the results you were posting on your website I must admit I was a little skeptical that this was for real but after signing up and taking the trades since last year I am now a believer. I also like the way you answer our questions and are willing to share your knowledge with us. To me this is much more than just a newsletter, we are making money as we are learning ! Thank-you very much.Please feel free to use me as a reference to anyone who would like to speak to a current subscribe”

Chris Lekas,
Dania Beach, Florida USA

Thank you Chris, for being an OPN ambassador. If someone needs to discuss with a subscriber, I shall give your reference.

I would be more than happy to share my thoughts with you about the newsletter service you provide to members. First off, let me begin by saying that your level of commitment to your subscribers is top shelf quality, and greatly appreciated. I have enrolled in a couple of other “advisory-type” services in the past, and could never duplicate the promised results that were advertised. Not so is the case with your service. Once a recommendation is posted, your timely adjustments certainly reflect what is going on in the market real time, and the attention you pay to detailed risk management is HUGE. It is very apparent you are trading what you are recommending, and the focus is living to trade another day. I can honestly say I did not expect this type of performance when I initially enrolled, but am quite elated and content with the service thus far. I would highly recommend your service to any option trader at any skill level. The answers you provide to your members are great in that you seem to realize a newbie does not need complex discussions, and the very advanced trader does expect more elaboration than “do this, or do that”. I also believe that your advertised results are accurate and repeatable by any member willing to spend the time required to learn this craft. I could highly recommend this service and would be more than willing to elaborate further if requested.

Thank you for this opportunity to share my experiences, and keep up the great work”
Warmest regards,
Kevin Sass
Gilbert, AZ, USA

Trading Experience: Options Trading exclusively since Feb 2007

Kevin, many thanks for the confidence you have shown in OPN and also for answering member’s questions when I am not able to due to lack of time. I very much appreciate your candid knowledge sharing with other members.

My experience with OPN is so far, excellent. You take very good care of your participants. So much so that I wonder how long you can keep it going. If you remember I indicated that your newsletter circulation by its very nature must remain small. In order for you to keep the excellent one-on-one relationships you have with your readers, you must have a limited base. Likewise from a trading standpoint, if your followings get too large you will affect the option market and defeat the purpose of the newsletter. In my limited experience, this is the only newsletter that I am aware of with direct personal responses from the writer. You are extremely open with your results, and that I believe is a benefit. From all appearances you too have skin in the game. I might say that your record is truly amazing so far. I have already learned a great deal just by watching some of the previous trades. I am astounded that selling and buying options can be made in such a way as to limit capital exposure. Unfortunately I do think of the newsletter as a self-limiting endeavor. If too many folks are locked into OPN, I think it will be difficult, if not impossible to keep your current track record. I presently feel as if I have been invited to share a secret that can not only build wealth, but also can provide an education that will allow sustained income. I don’t want that to be damaged or destroyed in the near term.

David Severy ,
Moorpark, CA, USA
Trading experience: Extensive (way too many years) with stocks, and in its infancy with options.

Thanks David. It’s a fair concern. I shall address this on the forum on how do I plan to address the issue of our strategies being diluted by a greater following of OPN.

My experience with OPN has been very satisfying. I had previously tried a number of newsletters in my endeavor to both generate a consistent income and to improve my knowledge of option trading. None of the other services I tried came close to OP in either respect. OP is less arrogant, more to the point, more focused and more responsive than any other service I have tried. In answering my questions, he has also proven to be very knowledgeable and, importantly, willing to share his knowledge. He is delivering consistent income and consistent answers to my endless questions.
Pradeep Nawani
Shanghai, China
Trading Experience: 2 years experience

Pradeep, Thanks. I appreciate warm words. Your questions, many times help me as well to revisit the topics I might have considered “I know”. Questions help refresh thinking and if there is something that I might have overlooked in the past, also gets added to the perspective.

I chose Option Pundit because I wanted to add a conservative style to my trading routine. With option spread trading, I find it less stressful when compared to outright buying put and call options or even equities for that matter. You can minimize losses better, make adjustments, all while controlling risk to your original investment capital. Additionally, with Option Pundit selections, you really get to understand the behavior of the underlying equity or index which is extremely important for consistent gains. I find these attributes most appealing and would recommend the Option Pundit Newsletter.

Rhode Island, United States

Trading Experience: 8 years active trading

Dear CC, thanks for choosing OPN and for the kind words. As we grow, there is lot more that we can learn even from your experience.

Risk management, transparency and mentoring that you provide make this service Excellent. I have been member only one month and already love the service. I will recommend it to any one, any time.

Plano, Texas, USA

Vertical Spreads Options trading experience 2 years.
Trading Experience: Mutual Funds 10 years

Thanks Arshad. I am sure OPN will continue to keep-up the commitment regardless of the loss that we may encounter along the journey.

Hi, OP I’m Ben Burrell from Winston Salem NC. This is my first time using a newsletter service. I’d been following your site for half a year before you opened up the newsletter. I actually got interested in the idea of income investing from your site and tried my hand at it for a few months before the newsletter. But actually seeing the trades you place in the newsletter has helped me grow quickly in my understanding of various strategies and how to adjust them. I’m here to learn and to increase capital. So far I’m very happy with the results. I have much yet to learn.

As far as the results reporting I’d vote for the initial close suggestion. My experience has been that the trades I didn’t close when you first suggested I lost money on because I couldn’t react fast enough when things changed. As my experience grows I’ll probably hold on longer”.

Ben Burrell,
Winston Salem NC, USA

Thanks for being a long time reader of OPN and I am happy that OPN was able to influence you for income trading. As this is your first newsletter subscription, regardless whether you be with OPN or any other newsletter, pls remember the points I had mention on the forum on how to select a newsletter service.

Thank you dear subscribers. As I continue to receive your feedback, I shall continue to add those here on the main OptionPundit blogsite.

Profitable trading, OP




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    Dear OP :

    Well done, buddy. Well done.


    Tony Chai

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    Thank you for the ideas around the Visa earnings. I think will turn out very well and I will know for sure in the morning!

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