OP Newsletter: In-line Performance (Mar’08 +3.1%)

OPNewsletter income trades grew another 1.1% during the week even though we scaled our investment to 3 times vs. last week. The results exclude bonus 1 day trades (ATW +50% and -7.2%, Google Pin +60%). We have so far opened 3 mini-portfolio employing 57% of overall capital. Ideally we would like to open one more portfolio next week, but it depends on market conditions and capital available. Capital protection will always be priority vs missing an opportunity.

For Mar’08 income trades we are up +3.1% overall with nearly 4 more weeks to go. In spite of all the ups-n-downs since last year, this is the 10th consecutive month of positive gains for OP Newsletter.

Looking forward to next week, Profitable trading, OP



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