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At OP Income newsletter, the out-performance vs. broader markets continues. For Oct 2013, based on the invested capital (40% of the portfolio), it delivered +15.3% returns. That’s > +6% on the overall portfolio capital. This performance doesn’t include results from OPNExtra! (High risk/ High reward trades) which had a solid run during the month of Oct.

During this month, the focus was on straddles, strangles, straight calls/puts, calendars, double calendars, butterfly spreads. I chose to not trade condors during October, which in the hindsight turned out to be a good decision as markets went through strong pre and post “debt ceiling debate” moves.

However, I did trade Implied volatility rush and crush via VIX portfolio.

Here is the detailed performance:
(% figures in the parenthesis is capital allocation)

Profits: RUT Butterfly 1st +26.6% (7.9%), SH +28.8% (3.3%), VIX +15.2% (18.1%), MON (Calendar portion was closed for +20% and Straddle was closed for -3%) (overall 9.78% investment), JPM +11.5% (5.38%), LNKD +24% (7.3%), FNV +28% (2.5%)

Losses – > DIA was a washout (only 0.6% investment), TSLA butterfly -13.4% [7.6%- (though some members were able to book prices much higher then suggested], RUT Butterfly 2nd (closed 1/2) -24.1% (7.9%) (remaining half is performing well today) and SBUX -3.0% (only 2.8%)

OPN Extra (Performance is not part of OPN P&L):
VIX Futures +17.6%, SPY/GOOG puts (no specific trade but it would have been a loss), GOOG pre-earning trade was to be adjusted post earnings which not all the members could benefit from resulting in profit for some and loss for those who couldn’t, NFLX earning trade (breakeven/partial loss), NFLX post earning trade (> +100% gains, the NFLX post earning trade went as high as 20x (of course we were out before that], AAPL puts almost +50%, TSLA~ +50%, AAPL ~40%, TSLA 2nd ~+30%, GOOG ~ +50%, AMZN > +100%, NOK (long term) > +75%, LNKD +100% and more.

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Here is a customer feedback on how was his experience with OP Income Newsletter (you may kindly read more here)

Regarding the service in general I would say pretty close to excellent.
The best part is how truly conservative is OP really worry about capital preservation. Also very nice the way manage the trades in order to avoid big drawdowns. I thank you for having this great service very professional.

I would highly recommend it to the orient. I’ve been trading for about 7 years and i ve had joined a lot newsletter and no one even close to this one.

Congratulations and keep it up

Andres, Chile

OptionPundit Income NewsletterOur Pre-earning set-up continues to deliver strong results. We just closed FOSL and TSLA for good yield. There are more set-up brewing during the next few days. If you would like to join OP Income newsletter, kindly click here.

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