OP Income Newsletter Dec’14 +4.8%, Jan’15 +1.3% (Open)

Dec 2014 was, what I call, a “mis-direction” month. First there was a pullback leading some to believe that this year Santa may not visit with plenty of gifts, then on Dec 16th, SPX found a support and powered another rally taking SPX to new high around Christmas. After hitting the upper resistance line at 2095+/- SPX gave back all the December gains and then some more. However, in spite of such a roller coaster month, OPNewsletter Dec portfolio delivered +4.8% gains. And even though SPX has dropped almost 100 points during the past week, our Jan’15 portfolio is already up +1.3% and I am adding more portfolios.

2015 is going to be an interesting year for Options traders. I expect higher vols vs what we have seen in recent past giving us, the options traders, much more advantages. There are few unique strategies which will be more viable in 2015 then those were in 2013/2014. Besides, next few weeks might bring some incredible opportunities for those who are prepared.  OPN 2015 portfolios will also see some additional strategies that I have experimented with in 2014.

All in all, if you are an OPN Member, get ready for an interesting 2015.

Depending upon Technical or Volatility reasons, OPNewsletter trading ideas includes IRON CONDORS, CREDIT SPREADS, CALENDARS, STRADDLE, STRANGLE, DOUBLE CALENDARS, BUTTERFLIES and much more.

Wait-listing fee is currently waived. NO Profit, NO Fee* offer is still applicable and if you sign-up now, you will have immediate access to all the 20,000+ historical posts, thousands of historical trades with real-time adjustments, market commentary and so on. You will also have access to numerous educational resources.

Here is a customer feedback on how was his experience with OP Income Newsletter (you may kindly read more here)

I have been trading for about 16 years witnessing my capital being managed by different brokers. Some brokers were purely option traders and others were stock fund managers. I have had both very good years and bad years but progressively the good years have being vanishing. Last year I decided to start working more aggressively to learn different options techniques and put them to the test. In my search for knowledge I came across the Option Pundit website.

On my first month of trading with OP, I made enough money to pay my annual subscription and provided a good boost to my portfolio. Option Pundit is well tuned with the market and exhibit option trading techniques far more sophisticated than my previous options brokers. I am also very impressed with the caliber of many forum members who constantly add valuable comments and information. My experience these first two months with OP have being very enriching and rewarding.

Luis González
Thousand Oaks, California, USA

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To succeeding together,
The OptionPundit Team






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