May Income Portfolio- Closed- Profit 22%

The portfolio over-delivered by 15% (vs my target of 5-7%). June’07 income trades porfolio is also up by 8.8% (Trades are shared with OP Newsletter subscribers). You may join OP Newsletter for less than US$1/day i.e. US$28/month via paypal from the left sidebar.

Here is the final update on my income portfolio that I shared earlier. Last update can be found here.

  1. Trade-1 RUT Iron Condor (750/760/860/870), Closed for profit = $165/$795, +20.75%. (I closed the Put credit spread/Call credit spread each for $0.20).
  2. Trade-2 Dow Double Diagonal (closed put diagonal, left with call diagonal 50/55), Current profit =$22/$485, +4.5% (closed the call diagonal for zero cost). Closed.
  3. Trade-3 SPY Iron Condor (1:1 risk reward), closed with loss =$43/$108, -39.8%. Closed.
  4. Trade-3 OIH Variable calendars/diagonals Current profit =$360/$872, +41.28%. Closed. Rolled May/Jun 160 put for $2.70 credit. Total investment change =-$2.70= Credit $2.70 vs. last week, Total investment = 11.42-2.70=$8.72 per spread

Overall gains/loss : $165+$22-$43+$360=$504

Total Investment/Margin = $795+$485+$108+$872=$2260/ Portfolio spread

ROM : $504/$2260 per spread i.e. 22% on overall portfolio

The above results are excluding commisions (my commisions are very low and doesn’t affect results substaintially) and speculative intradays trades like BWLD, ADP, AAPL, SID, POT, ESRX, WFR, YHOO, etc. Even though gains are substantial, I don’t include those as that is not my key strategy and involves a very small part of my overall portfolio. Majority of my money is invested in income trades and almost in the same ratio as mentioned above.

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