Buffalo (BWLD) Announces Stock Split

This is my speculative play for a short term. BWLD announced stock split and I would like to benefit from the upside movement that we’ll see in this stock (my bias). This is at near 52wks high and will face resistance till $81.75/$82. If that’s gone, it’s open for no limit.




Here is the chart and you’ll notice nice strength in the stock.

Profitable trading, OptionPundit






5 responses to “Buffalo (BWLD) Announces Stock Split”

  1. jdemeis Avatar

    Have you considered a similar (stock split) play on CROX?

  2. OptionPundit Avatar

    Hi Jdemeis, No I didn’t look at CROX from split startegy point of view. I look for certain parameters before I rally choose which split play to invest. I think I overlooked crox. Hope you made some money with it.

    Profitable trading.

  3. OptionPundit Avatar

    Since I sent the alert on this pick, the stock is almost up by roughly $5. Congratulations to those who traded this. I am long (via Bull put strategy).

  4. OptionPundit Avatar

    glad to see this flying so well.

  5. […] I had shared an alert on BWLD to registered OP users and then posted it on OP on May 18 (BWLD announce stock split). My porfit taking order was filled today. Closed it for 30% profit. […]

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