Fed is done, what’s next?

So as expected, there was nothing unexpected in the message yesterday. What’s next?

I am out from my most of speculative trades except the APPB and ADP, both of which are doing great. I closed POT, AAPL, RUT etc, so the funds are freed now and looking for some short-term plays. June income trades are opened and over 50% of investing dolloars are locked-in.

Overall market futures seems to be heading south, so I might choose to play the “losers”. Here is the quick list:

Pre-market gainers: PEIX, NKTR, GGC, AND SPAR

Pre-market losers: RTP, WNG, WFMI, KNOT, CRYP, LUK and ZUMZ

I am personally bias for the losers, I shall let the registered users know via alerts if I find something interesting. Saty tuned.

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  3. tuck Avatar

    how can i go from your web page to the op forum…is there a link somewhere that i’m missing?? tks…tuck

  4. OptionPundit Avatar

    Hi Tuck, I have added this to top menu bar.

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