AAPL earnings -Closed Profit 100%

screenhunter_33.jpgThough there are rumors that Apple is going to announce stock split tomorrow, but I decided to book profits. It was a wonderful trade. I sold half for 40% profit and remaining half at 185% profit. This bring my overall profit in apple to little over 100%.

 It was originally posted in the forum and discussed here.

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3 responses to “AAPL earnings -Closed Profit 100%”

  1. Caltrader Avatar

    I made the same exact trade, got in long 8 contracts of the APPL May $105 Calls at $1.40, sold near the end of the day for $2.80, I saw the pull back and waited for the liftoff, nice trading.

  2. Rapheal Avatar

    how do you find such trade?

  3. OptionPundit Avatar

    Thanks Caltrader. And as both of us locked-in profits before market fell, ready for the next round :)?

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