Are you Onboard or still catching-up?

Not sure if you are aware of the re-birth of famous dot com money making concept. Recall the famous AllAdvantge which was a toolbar that displayed ads while one was surfing the net and then be paid for surfing the net. The company is now called Agloco. I had seen lot of advertisements all over the net, and so I decided to go to the site and try to find as much information as possible. After reviewing many places, I found there is lot of interest and people are signing-up at a lightening speed.


According to Agloco’s website- “The Viewbar™ is a small toolbar that rests on the bottom of your screen or browser window while you surf the Internet. The Viewbar™ software is what enables AGLOCO to collect the money you are earning while browsing the Internet. The Viewbar™ keeps track of your online interests and preferences, and uses that information to deliver the most valuable message to you at the right time. Because privacy is a core principle of AGLOCO, the Viewbar™ communicates with our secure servers in an encrypted fashion to keep your information private.”

I have signed-up as I didn’t see any loss in it. To find out more information about this, check out the link here or click at the picture above. I have had participated All Adavantage revolution but it was too late. I have personally signed-up for Agloco and also ask friends to joinin. Above links have my referral embeded. Should you decided to sign-up, pls use above links. Once you have signed-up, you may forward your code to whoever you would like to send thus creating a chain in which case ,as it seems now, everyone will have a win-win scenario. So hopefully you are also onboard, if not, click at the link here,

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