Who wins in the market?

So now everyone is talking about the famous “March 18 VIX” that led to astronomical profits and predicting the market downfall. However, roughly 200 level-1 OptionPundit registered users (and over 300 browsers then) on Feb 10th knew about it (Registered users received an e-mail alert from OptionPundit). It was also posted here. Jim of “Kingsland Report” and Bill of “Vix and More” had higlighted as well.

Everyone is talking about emerging market’s downfall, especially Asia. OP readers know that OptionPundit has discussed about this here on Feb 21 when all the markets were riding high and trending higher and higher. No one was talking about it. At that time, it was only my hypothesis and I had no data, but today’s front page article in The Strait Times of Singapre, confirmed that Yen was the main cause of fear that triggered this Asia wide rally.

The point is not to prove that I can predict the market, but that the money is made if you are ahead of market vs chasing the news. Now everyone knows how bad the market is or was, winners are those who ate the bitter pill of taking informed risk.

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