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Another China Rally in the Making

Published on October 5, 2007

Another China Rally in the Making

October 5, 2007

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China stocks were beaten down in the past 2-3 sessions. That’s past!! Look for another strong rally today and the pre-market action suggests, all the tickers are going to fly with Cryogenic fluids. For those looking for quick name, here are few name- LFC, RCH, FXI, SNP, PTR, BIDU, EFUT, WX, and many more. Check out the link for adrs.

screenhunter_01-oct-05-2119.gifHere is the past 5days action of Hong Kong index. 500 points (2-4%) means literally nothing. This I this should provide a good idea on how risky it could be to play China stocks but hey, who minds as long as you make money.

Disclaimer: This list doesn’t consider “quality” or “Value”. This is just a trading list, an insane list or speculative list or whatever you may wanna name it, which in my opinion is playing in super “mad rush” league. I didn’t see such a craze even during dot com bubble. Dot com bubble seems such a small baby in front of the action we are seeing these days in China stocks. Trade very carefully.

Profitable trading, OP

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