Don’t Vote for OP

Earlier I posted to “Vote for OP”. I am withdrawing from this simply because this is “meaningless”. When I went into the site I found that “Blogger’s choice” is asking for e-mail, etc. A cheap way to get personal details. I don’t want my readers to sign-up for something and later be “spammed” by unwanted e-mails. Don’t go to the site and I am withdrawing my nominations.

Hope you have been enjoying OptionPundit. It’s time now I am looking for your help in making OP popular. This is the first time I am writing for any PR help. Recently one of the OP reader highlighted blogger’s choice awards. I thought why not give a chance, I have hardly made any efforts so far to make OP popular. Though I am quite late as the closing date is by October 19th, but why not try it.

All you have to do is to click at call out on top left side bar (or click here), and vote for OP. That’s it.

Thanks and profitable trading, OP






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