Why fill is important

I would like to share this trading opportunity that I was monitoring as the market opened. The stock symbol is GIFI. I have been trying to get a fill for this stock as soon as it hit my entry criteria which was when the stock is below $31.5…and here are charts that explains why I was behind this   screenhunter_31.jpg  screenhunter_32.jpg 

This was a very quick opportunity to benefit as soon as the stock breaks the resistance for an intraday play. The spread was $0.50 cents wide I dare didn’t go. Check out, within 45 mins of fall only from opening the Mar 30 option has doubled in value.

No coulda woulda shoulda, just thought to share with you how much “fill” is important. Even though one has found a great opportunity, one can’t count the money unless you are “filled”…it is still falling before it finds it next support…

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  1. OptionPundit Avatar

    It has fallen 3 more dollars since I profiled it at around 10:40am US EST.

  2. OptionPundit Avatar

    Update: Finally it closed at $26.84, which was $2.5 lower than when I had recommeded this.

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